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WeVoi… What is this?

Hi guys!

We here at WeVoi would like to introduce ourselves. We’re a bold, fresh take on public speaking, aimed at getting young people to speak their minds and raise their voices. This series of blogs is aimed at explaining why you should take part, but for now, let’s just focus on how it works!

1. Age

You may be thinking. ‘Young people? What exactly does that mean? Do I fall into that category?’. Well, if you’re in high school or university, chances are you do. Anyone aged 10 to 19 can take part.

You may also be thinking ‘Hold on, an 10 year old versus a 19 year old? That hardly sounds fair!’. Well, you’d be right. That’s why WeVoi is split into two distinct age categories for the competition, each with their own topic for their speech. The first is YoungsterVoi, for anyone from 10 to 14. Next up is TeenVoi, from 15 to 19.

2. Location

I imagine your next question would be ‘Where is it? Do I have to trek thousands of miles for this thing?’. Thankfully, we’ve thought of that too. Two rounds of the challenge (we’ll cover that next), WeVoi National and WeVoi Global, are conducted entirely online! Participants just record themselves making a speech and send it to us online! 

3. What are these rounds?

Now I bet you’re wondering the difference between WeVoi National, Global, and Prime Challenge. No sweat! As I just said, WeVoi National and Global are hosted entirely online. In WeVoi National, participants send in their speeches to compete against other young people from their home country. In WeVoi Global, you compete against the whole world!

4. When is it?

You have to send your speech to us by 01 February 2020 for WeVoi National. Results will then be announced on 21 February 2020.. For WeVoi Global, the submission deadline is 25 April 2020, with results announced on 16 May 2020.

5. What do I win?

The top 50% of WeVoi National participants get to go through to WeVoi Global. In each competition, the top 15% receive Gold Medal Certificates, the top 16 to 35% receive silver, and 36 to 60% bronze. Furthermore, the top 5 participants in each age group in WeVoi Global get a cash prize!

6. How much is it going to cost?

Registration for WeVoi National is absolutely free! WeVoi Global is a small £10 registration fee. 

We hope that this has cleared some things up for you! Take a look at our other blogs to see why you should take part!

Peter Daniels, August 2018

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