Participants are required to read the registration guidelines for their age category and fill out the application form provided on the website www.wevoi.org/register. When registering, each participant must provide his/her YouTube video’s link.

Participants pay a fee of £15 to register for WeVoi National. To compete in WeVoi Global, participants must do well in the WeVoi National round and pay a registration fee of £15.

Both the WeVoi National and WeVoi Global rounds are hosted online. In WeVoi National, speakers compete against other participants in their country whereas in WeVoi Global they compete against participants from around the world.

The submission deadline for WeVoi National Round 1 is 13 January 2023

The submission deadline for WeVoi National Round 2 is “”.

Anyone from the ages of 9 to 24 can take part in WeVoi.
There are four age categories, so participants can compete with those of a similar skill level to them.

The categories are:

  • 9 to 11 years old: YoungsterVoi
  • 12 to 14 years old: JuniorVoi
  • 15 to 18 years old: TeenVoi
  • 19 to 24 years old: SeniorVoi

No! As long as you are between the ages of 9- 24 you can take part. You don’t have to be a student in a school, college or university.