Regulations for WeVoi

As a WeVoi competition entrant, you agree to the following terms:

  • WeVoi can use the images and videos in its publications, website and press (in print & online) and that WeVoi can choose to upload the video entry to the WeVoi website and other social media platforms.
  • You ensure that WeVoi have all rights to show the video to a public audience. All rights of the video remain with Wevoi. For circulation, the video can’t be used in any website without the WeVoi’s consent.
  • You have obtained all permission and releases from all persons (or the parent/guardian of any young persons) appearing in the competition entry and in any associated photo and video.

You verify that you have read the complete WeVoi regulations posted at WeVoi website. You confirm that the WeVoi submission is your own original work and that it isn’t a work of anyone else. To do so would directly result in disqualification of your work. By submitting the video, you are solely responsible for its content and WeVoi bears no liability in its creation. You agree that the work submitted has no violence, profanity or direct attack on any individual or organization.