Sofia Faghihy

The WeVoi Competition 2020 was an enriching experience that allowed me to broaden my horizons in the field of public speaking. I started my journey with this competition during the National Round. I recorded a short speech about an influential person in my life where I talked about Malala Yousafzai and her story. In the YoungsterVoi age category, my superb performance allowed me to qualify for the Global Round. The topic (the future is bright because…) was a very relevant topic that allowed me to share my opinions on why we should be optimistic about the bright future ahead of us. At the end of the competition, I was honored to be announced as the overall 1st Place Winner for my age category. My journey with WeVoi has been entirely positive and I was privileged to be able to share my voice on such a globalized platform. I especially enjoyed exploring the speeches made by the other competitors and listening to their great ideas. As an experienced public speaker, I was able to further expand my critical thinking skills. Overall, I am thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to upcoming WeVoi events!

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