We Talk

WeVoi aims to bring students together not only on the National and Global rounds, but also during the year to share ideas and thoughts with each other. This way they will improve their speaking skills and will build up their confidence. By knowing each other and sharing ideas, they will feel more confident and will be encouraged to participate in WeVoi National and Global.

The Speech Club contains different activities for each meeting, by giving students the chance to exchange ideas and get to know other cultures.

Anyone who is interested in meeting new people and expanding their knowledge on public speaking is welcomed to be a part of WE TALK Speech Club.

WeVoi Workshop | 17 October 2020
Elisabeth Valentine Kristiansen

WeVoi Workshop | 2 June 2020
Karen Hale

Public Speaking Tips | 13 May 2020
Susie Ashfield

Public Speaking Tips | 13 May
2020 | S.V. | Susie Ashfield