The WeVoi Rulebook
Speak Smart, Play Fair!

Time’s Ticking: YoungsterVoi and JuniorVoi speeches must be 1-2 minutes long whereas TeenVoi 2-3, and SeniorVoi 2-4.

Video Up: Don’t forget to submit your video masterpiece on time!

Be Original: Quotes and stats are cool, but give credit where it’s due. No plagiarism allowed!

Language: English only, please.

Stay on Topic: Stick to the theme we provide.

No Ads: Keep school logos and other promotional items out of the frame.

Inclusivity: No stereotypes or derogatory language!

Clarity Counts: Make sure your speech is easy to understand and appropriate.

Video Rights: Your video is exclusive to WeVoi until the competition ends.

Qualification: Make it through WeVoi Spark or WeVoi Reload to reach WeVoi Summit!

Judges: Their word is final, and no pre-competition contact allowed.