What is WeVoi?

WeVoi is a ground-breaking online public speaking competition for young people eager to voice their ideas and make a change. This challenge provides a platform for speakers aged 9 to 24 to realize their potential, raise their voice, and share it with others.

Public speaking is a vital day-to-day and professional life skill for young people. WeVoi aims to unify participants from every walk of life to develop and appreciate this ability, to speak their mind and share their thoughts on an international online platform. Participants finish the competition enhancing their confidence and learning how to develop and structure their opinions.

This exciting competition is open to young minds from all over the world. There are 2 stages: WeVoi National and WeVoi Global (both are conducted online). Every young speaker has a chance to participate in both WeVoi National Rounds.

There are four age groups. Every year, WeVoi changes themes and encourages participants to give their voice to these new ideas. All participants are given a certificate of participation, and the top 3 in each age category earn a monetary award in WeVoi Global. Successful speakers in WeVoi National also have the opportunity to present their winning speech in their own countries.

This online platform helps young speakers voice their ideas and be heard.

If you’re someone who wants your views to be known, or if you simply want to improve your public speaking and communication skills, or if you think that your mind and heart should be voiced, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!