YoungsterVoi (Ages 10-14)

The Person who has Inspired Me the Most

Whether it’s a teacher, parent, or celebrity, every young person has a role model they look up to and admire. Participants in this group are expected to speak about someone who has inspired them to go above and beyond, how they were inspired, and what they were inspired to do.

They can give a speech in any way they wish, to be recorded as a video of 1 to 3 minutes in length and submitted online. This theme is set aiming to develop literacy and speaking skills. We want young people to organize their thoughts, put them to paper, and deliver them in an impactful manner.

Candidates are judged on their choice of material, comprehension & accuracy, organization, use of language, and presentation.

General Regulations

  • Speeches by YoungsterVoi participants (ages 10-14) should be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Submission of the videos is a must.
  • Speeches must have been originally prepared by the participant for WeVoi. If statistics and quotes are used, they must be referenced (mentioned in the speech). Participants may be disqualified by the jury if plagiarism is found.
  • Speeches must be delivered in English.
  • Speeches must be related to the given topic.
  • Names, logos, uniforms of schools/institutions and/or any similar advertising and promotional materials should not be displayed in the videos.
  • Speeches should not include any gender, racial, religion and cultural stereotypes, bias or any derogatory expression.
  • Speeches must be clear, comprehensible and appropriate.
  • All videos which are sent for WeVoi cannot be used in any other social media before the competition is held. All rights pertaining to the videos belong to WeVoi.
  • Participants must qualify for WeVoi Global through WeVoi National. Decisions regarding qualification for WeVoi Global are made by the WeVoi juries.
  • Entrants cannot contact the judges before or during the competition and the judge’s decision is final.
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