Blog: WeVoi in my CV

WeVoi in my CV

So maybe you were never one of the teenagers who threw themselves in front of the classroom. On the other hand, maybe you were exactly that kid. Either way, you’ve probably looked back at high school with some mixture of relief and fondness; and sometimes, you’ve wondered what you’d like to do differently.

One thing we all notice going from high school into university is a severe lack of competitions. Whereas in high schools you’d see posters to every kind of event manageable, you’ll find seminars and workshops in university. That’s alright; we all have to grow up eventually, but we don’t have to do so just yet. Sometimes we don’t want a workshop. We want something fun, relaxing, and which still lets us go home proud. WeVoi is a way to tap into the inner child as an adult.

We still have a list of very formal, adult-sounding reasons to compete. Maybe not all of them would go on your CV, but in the end, those are what WeVoi is all about.

  1. It’s a great way to hone presentation skills.

Presenting skills aren’t just crafting an argument effectively. From how you hold yourself, to how you use your hands, to even how your facial expressions are used, presenting skills are about being aware.

  1. Practicing divergent and convergent thinking creatively.

WeVoi isn’t looking for variations upon the same theme. How do you make the topic yours? What sets you apart? How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

  1. Interact with different cultures and perspectives.

International participants bring international opinions. Do your own research on how culture affects perspective, or take the time to learn a few new phrases from your new friends. Either way, you’ll gain a few new views of the world.

  1. Giving yourself a place to be heard.

Being younger can be fun, but it often comes at the price of the grown-ups talking over your head. At WeVoi, your voice is guaranteed to be listened to and considered seriously by working professionals and like-minded individuals.

  1. Letting yourself enjoy the learning process.

WeVoi is an educational haven; no tests, no pop quiz, no looming teacher figure. You are your own teacher. You are an equal to those around you, and you learn from them as they learn from you. Every smile is another lesson. WeVoi isn’t a school. It’s a lifestyle.

  1. In the end…

…it’s fun. It’s a way to relax and be productive. It’s a throwback to the high school speaking contests you were so nervous over. It’s you making a small step in a big way.

WeVoi is certainly a learning opportunity, but it’s not only that. It’s an experience with memories you won’t forget. And while it’s good to know your future boss will like the sound of your CV, its better knowing you’ll grow as a person.

Growing up isn’t so bad. We all grow at our pace and in our own way. It’s up to you to decide those two factors, and it’s up to WeVoi to provide you with the choice.

Uma Hamzic, August 2018

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