Be the Voice that Ignites Change: Join as a WeVoi Ambassador!

Are you passionate about expressing your thoughts and inspiring others to do the same? Embrace the role of a WeVoi Ambassador and become a beacon of motivation for your peers.

As a WeVoi Ambassador, your mission will be:

  • Sharing your WeVoi journey, inspiring others with your experiences.
  • Actively encouraging fellow students to participate and amplify their voices.

Why Step into the Ambassador Role?

  • Earn a distinguished digital badge and certificate.
  • Enhance your CV, setting a strong foundation for your future endeavors.
  • Connect with a vibrant community of international students, expanding your horizons.

If you’re ready to champion change, inspire young voices, and lead a movement where every word counts, fill out the registration form. Embark on your transformative journey as a WeVoi Ambassador today!


WeVoi Student Ambassador Application Form