My Wevoi Experience

Hello everyone! My name is Aminath Naureen Jiyad and I am one of the participants of this year’s WeVoi competition. Ever Since I was a child I always loved speeches and debates. It always amazed me, how people from nothing came to be the most inspiring people in our world and inspired others. It made me think about what I could possibly do.

I first heard about WeVoi through social media. I was completely mesmerized by the fact that it was a competition that gave a voice to youngsters to share their opinions and feelings about a certain topic. As a child, I felt it was extremely important that we educate each other to make sure that everyone is treated equally and given, freedom of opinion, expression and rights to education and many more. Furthermore, to prevent segregation within individuals regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, class and age.

Through WeVoi, under the topic of “the future is brighter because ” gave me a chance to tell the viewers on how important certain groups of individual’s lives mattered due to the discrimination faced and the climate issues of my personal experience in my country. I was able to share my vision of the world and the features of development and advancement in technology as time evolved significantly. “It takes only one to make a change”. I believe that if I myself and other individuals are able to bring a change about discussing the problems that should be solved, then it will make not one but the majority of us will be aware in advance and take action now. Along with what I wanted to deliver through my words, I had to practice my speech numerous times and understand the words truly. Due to this, I had enhanced my speaking skills and delivered my message in a passionate manner. Which is why I highly recommend this competition to anyone that will be willing to challenge themselves to gain confidence for speaking in front of an audience and question whether you had faced issues socially or perhaps on what you would want to change for a more efficient and connected world?. As a result, it will develop a sharp mind making you more punctual and observant just like how I improved my skills for the long term run.

Thank you

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